nothing so special

Two and half weeks ago I posted a rather insignificant blog post, and what with all the D.C. Snowpacolypse, the announcement of Oscar nominations, and joining the Betty-White-for-SNL-Host campaign (good on ya), you probably didn’t notice.

And while, as a writer, I wish I could recover all those writable moments and send them to you, reader-friend, I will have to settle with telling you this: I celebrated Military day (and will share those pics in a minute).  I went to a Project Design and Management training provided by Peace Corps for volunteers and their Armenian counterparts.   I stayed in Yerevan for a few days to work on a video project.  And I’m back in my little Armenian town.

This list is boring me.  But oh… WAIT!  THIS IS BIG!!!!

MEXICAN FOOD IN YEREVAN. No joke.  Carne Asada tacos that drip with spicy goodness.  Bean Burritos…. are you hearing me?  BEAN BURRITOS!!!  In Yerevan.  This wonderful God-sent hombre from Southern California was somehow duped convinced to move to Yerevan and cook for me Taco Maco.  So, it looks like I will live.

As far as blog, this is the best I can do right now.  It’s still cold.  I want spring.  Sanity is still insane.  And I’ve almost finished knitting a new hat.  Uragh!

One Comment

  1. CintusSuprimus

    Huzzah for bean burritos in Armenia, no matter how much gas the Oscars give you.

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