Finally, a post.

Things are so much different than I expected on Taboga Island…

1. No internet, phone or address
2. No easy way to get to and from the city (ie… I’m more or less marooned.)
3. I am almost talking-to-wilson crazy at least once a week
4. I found refried beans!
5. Carla and Erin coming here made all the difference in terms of social sanity.
6. I’m going to Costa Rica in a few hours!

And more… internet it expensive these days, so I will not be able to post much. I wrote what I think is quite a nice post a couple weeks ago only to be told I couldn’t use my flash drive on what is the only public access computer on Taboga Island. So… this could be it for a while. But eventually I will post a nice, creative bit on island experience. Best I can do now is a list.

Favorite moments-
1. Snorkelling. Being surround by fish… watching a sting ray glide beneath me.
2. Island dance party.
3. Beach beach beach. And more beach.
4. The arrival of Carla and Erin.

Each could be a blog entry… but for now, I’m going to Pizza Hut. We’re in the city, waiting for our overnight bus to Costa Rica. It’s bound to be quite the adventure as we haven’t actually picked a Costa Rican destination yet. Just the idea is enough to set us on our way.


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